About Me

I am a Software developer with experience in developing web applications with Javascript, React and NextJS.

I started my journey in web development though with PHP and Laravel Laravel .

Even though I still love that stack and with the invention of Livewire and AlpineJS , it's nearly too good to leave Laravel.

I love React and especially with Next.JS and so I can't help but to use react sometimes🥺. I wouldn't say I have totally left the Laravel but we'll see 🙃.

I am joking though, Laravel and Livewire are still my go to for most projects.

I am also a massive fan of Tailwind CSS 🤤.

As they say, if you ever go for tailwind, you never go back🙂. Well at least as I say. I used to loved bootstrap but you know as they say... Ok that's enough.

I have a solid background also in the linux terminal, not much of a ninja 🥷 yet but I can at least cd /home 🙂.

I also have a good experience with computer networks. Most of my experience though is in the cloud and not much of an on premises networking experience.

I am also a huge fan of the cloud and the amazing features it offers to developers (I wouldn't say I am biased but hey Google😌) and Cloud engineers in general. In my current job role💼 at VDC.cloud Managed Services Ghana Limited , I operate as a Cloud Engineer and Developer, three years now and counting😎.

Courtesy my company where I work now, I boost a number of Professional Cloud certifications ,on Google Cloud and AWS, and also decent ones from Aviatrix which you can check out on linkedin . The rest on there are from just a muscle flex 🦾 🦿, lol. A bunch are from scholarship opportunities I took advantage of as a Student.

Find articles and information about web development and cloud computing here. Hope you also like them.